Winding 250 Foot Ribbon Prepares Visitors for 'Invisible Worlds' Immersive Experience

This 250 foot long ribbon leads visitors through the Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Gallery, which serves as the pre-show room for the Invisible Worlds immersive interactive experience.

How does the American Museum of Natural History give visitors to Invisible Worlds the best possible immersive experience?

An important element is the “pre-show” room, formally known as the Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Gallery. The pre-show room acts as a buffer to crowds entering Invisible Worlds; people slow down, quiet down, and their eyes adjust to a darkened environment. 

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Ashley Bryan, 1923-2022

Just six months ago, we were proud to complete an interactive exhibit featuring Ashley Bryan's Beautiful Blackbird (one of his more that seventy children's books) at the new Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine.

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Interactive Kiosk

Transformit recently fabricated and installed a large fabric projection cone at the request of the Toronto offices of Kubik, the exhibit, event, museum, retail, and interior design company.

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Projection versus Printing

We are introducing an educational column to share what we have learned from 32 years designing and creating with fabric.

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Social Screens

When COVID arrived last March, the first thing Transformit thought of was how will all of the restaurants in Portland survive without the space needed for safe social distancing. Rolling walls seemed like a good idea to augment the actual distance with a fabric barrier. 

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Virtual Event Sets

In our new reality of surviving during COVID-19, in-person events are no longer safe. We are learning to accept virtual events to fill the void, but sitting in front of a monitor watching someone speak in front of a green screen is a far cry from experiencing a live stage production. Transformit has been creating stage productions designed for video production for many years. While TEDx events are staged in front of a live audience, the majority of the viewers of these events are watching the presentations online.  

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Art Made from Art

Studio HHH created their own visual story and original sculpture with eight ready-made Transformit Pixies, as part of ILLUMINUS, Boston's contemporary arts festival featuring original works by artists who work in the medium of light and sound. 

Studio HHH ILLUMINUS Serpentine IMG_2118

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Hollywood Arches for the Art Directors Guild

Hollywood Arches ADG Awards 1.jpg

There’s nothing quite like telling a story on the big screen. It’s the visual artists of the Art Directors Guild (ADG) who, in consultation primarily with the director, create and develop the overall look, visual atmosphere, and emotion that move the story. Fittingly, when the members of the ADG gather for their own awards show, the ADG’s Excellence in Production Design Awards, they want a stage design that speaks “Hollywood.”

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Loungeworks brings Transformit to the Variety BC Show of Hearts Telethon

Show of Hearts Telethon 2017 1

When HiKu Productions, producer of Variety British Columbia’s live eight-hour Show of Hearts Telethon, was developing a new set design for the telethon, they turned to Loungeworks, Transformit’s partner in Vancouver, to help realize their vision.

“This year we changed set designs after 18 years, and wanted to go with a modern design that was flexible and adaptable to the different show components we were working with,” noted Scott Hinde of HiKu Productions. “The Transformit pieces allowed us to change the look and feel quickly and effectively during our eight-hour non-stop broadcast.”

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Collaboration Series: LumenARRT! + Transformit



It’s not a typo, nor a misspelling. Lumen is a measure of light. ARRT stands for Artists’ Rapid Response Team.

LumenARRT! is a project (projection!) of the Portland, Maine based Artists’ Rapid Response Team in collaboration with the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA) to advocate for artists and further the work of progressive non-profits in the state of Maine. LumenARRT! projects strong, clear, artistic images and messages addressing current issues at outdoor public events in Maine.

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