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Transformit's Ready-Made and custom stretch-fabric partitions and moveable walls articulate space and provide artful separation within social environments.

These sculptural forms are ideal for creating social screens in restaurants, open office layouts, salons, and hospitality settings that complement the aesthetics and intent of an interior design.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and moveable
  • Freestanding
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Multiple colors available
  • Fire rated certified to NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19, and German B1 standards


  • Custom graphics
  • Custom sizes
  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • 88% post-consumer Recycled fabric (NFPA 701 certified)
  • Mesh fabric on select designs
  • Sound absorbing acoustical liner
  • Installation hardware and rigging for wall mounting or overhead suspension
  • Casters for wheeled mobility
  • Footing anchors for semi-permanent installation


We have 90+ ready-made fabric structures, including these moveable walls and rooms ideally suited to create social screens.

Our ready-mades are available to purchase or rent, with custom options available with purchases. Download our full Catalog of Ready-Made Collections.


Sm - 8'h x 18'w x 2'6"d
Lg - 10'h x 23'w x 3'd

Lyric Social Screens

5x4 - 5'h x 4'w x 1'6"d  (New!)
5x5 - 5'h x 5'w x 1'6"d  (New!)
6x6 - 6'h x 6'w x 1'6"d  (New!)
6x8 - 6'h x 8'w x 1'6"d  (New!)
8x10 - 8'h x 10'w x 2'd
10x12 - 10'h x 12'w x 2'6"d

Grace Note

Grace Note
Sm - 8'h x 18'w x 2'd
Lg - 10'h x 12'w x 2'6"d


Sm - 8'h x 18'w x 2'6"d
Lg - 10'h x 23'w x 3'd


14'h x 22'w x 5'd


Sm - 8'h x 16'w x 4'd
Lg - 10'h x 20'w x 5'd


Sm - 8'h x 16'w x 4'd
Lg - 10'h x 20'w x 5'd
Lotus Room - 4 leaves Lagato
Lotus Room - 4 Leave
8'h x 19'7"w x 17'10"d
Sm - 10'h x 10'w x 8'd
Lg - 16'h x 16'w x 13'd
Sm - 12'6"h x 15'5"w x 11'3"d
Lg - 15'h x 19'w x 12'd

Custom Design and Fabrication

Our in-house designs and collaborations with interior designers, architects, and artists are featured internationally in award-winning installations.

If you have a design that needs fabrication or an interior space that needs an artful solution to social spacing, Transformit's design and fabrication team can create a bespoke installation for you.



Dynamics room

Custom Arabesque canopy

Custom Grace Note in Mesh

Custom color Grace Note on casters

Custom Riff with graphics on mesh

First Light Solstice

About Transformit

We are a design/build studio near Portland, Maine and tension textiles are our medium.

We bring an artistic sensibility and technical expertise to concept development, design, fabrication, and installation. Working for and with architects, interior designers, exhibit designers, and event producers, we create artful interiors and experiential environments that walk lightly on the earth. Our work has been installed internationally in commercial, cultural, hospitality, retail, residential, wellness, and civic interiors.

In addition to custom work,  we offer an extensive catalog of creative tension-fabric elements designed and ready-made for purchase or rent.

Transformit was founded in 1988 by sculptor and performance artist Cynthia “Cindy” Thompson and over the years Cindy has attracted a team of like-minded artisans and rabble-rousers to Transformit’s artistic enterprise.

We love to create.

We love to try new things.

With our clients, we strive to create a more beautiful and sustainable today and tomorrow.

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