Projection versus Printing

We are introducing an educational column to share what we have learned from 32 years designing and creating with fabric.

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Under the Microscope at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

UMMNH IMG_9530 horiz

Look through a microscope at a slide of cells and behold the tiny, almost innumerable micro-organisms bumping around together in a soup of life. Now imagine yourself in the midst of those cells, in that world under the microscope, shrunk down to cellular size, walking around in a seemingly infinite landscape of cellular structures. This is the experience you can have in the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History’s new exhibit, Under the Microscope.

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Woodstock Graphic/Acoustic Panels at the Museum at Bethel Woods

In May of 2008, a new museum about Woodstock and the Sixties opened in Bethel, NY on the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. Designed by Gallagher & Associates, the museum features artifacts, interactive displays and never-before-seen film footage. The New York Times called it "... a tie-dyed time machine that puts those iconic three days of peace, love and music into historical context."

Woodstock Museum at Bethel Woods, Kesey Magic Bus, sound-absorbing museu graphic panels

photo courtesy The Museum at Bethel Woods
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Introducing Natura Environmental Graphics

Here is yet another reason to go Ready-Made: Fabric skins with pre-printed environmental graphics, to mount on pieces from our Fascinating Rhythms collection. We call this collection of graphic skins NATURA.

jewelry exhibit, rental, environmental graphics,Natura, Fascinating Rhythms, Transformit, Poolish

Jewelry exhibit, design: Exhibit Management Corp. (with Riffs/ Poolish)   

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