Euroshop 2008

EUROSHOP, held in Germany every three years, is the world’s biggest retail trade fair. The event includes over 1900 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees. Manufacturers use the exhibition to showcase their latest products and innovations, investing large amounts of time and money to create amazing, interactive and engaging exhibits. Transformit’s challenge was to command attention, stand out from the crowd of creative design firms, communicate its creative and engineering expertise and create an oasis within the hectic hall environment. In contrast to typical rectilinear European design, Transformit filled the 30’ x 30’ space with an organic structure incorporating aesthetics reminiscent of the Spanish architect Gaudí. The visually dramatic environment demonstrated Transformit’s engineering expertise by making the complex structure appear simple and graceful. Shadowgraphing and lighting created visual texture on the exhibit’s simple exterior surface. The structure used an armature of
594 unique aluminum tubes sheathed in fabric. Four different layers of fabric were used to assure the interior space—a private
conference room—would minimize visual distractions and the noise of the hall. An acoustic-damping material and a light blocking material were sandwiched between the two exterior layers of fabric. This complex assemblage of material created a quiet, serene interior space. A programmed LED lighting system, concealed within the walls, illuminated the structure from within. 

Transformit successfully transformed 900 square feet of empty space into a spectacular demonstration of its design, engineering and fabrication expertise and as a result received 600 new business inquiries, including several large proposals. The exhibit was featured in Event Design, a leading U.S. design publication, which observed, “There was definitely nothing like it on the floor at EuroShop, and that’s no small accomplishment.” Remarkable for garnering both attention and new business, Transformit’s performance at EuroShop 2008 exceeded all expectations.

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