Social Screens

When COVID arrived last March, the first thing Transformit thought of was how will all of the restaurants in Portland survive without the space needed for safe social distancing. Rolling walls seemed like a good idea to augment the actual distance with a fabric barrier. 

Grace Note_custom-1

Then the warm summer months came to allow the safety of eating outdoors. Now the cold winds of autumn are beginning to blow, and no one is prepared to move indoors. It is time to look closely at the safety that our Social Screens can provide schools, museums, events, and the hospitality industry as we move inside for winter. These walls are beautiful and don't need any tripping hazards to stand on their own. They are lightweight, can have wheels, and even an acoustic liner. They can break down in minutes and zip into a duffle bag for easy transport and storage. They can be lit or used as a projection screen. There are many different shapes in our collections that can be used to divide large spaces and create smaller congregation areas.  


Our Fascinating Rhythm Collection is full of great options for larger screens.

globe salon 02-1

Our Free Form Wings are can be used as screens too as seen at this salon.

Social Screens_render-1

We have a collection of smaller Lyric shapes for tighter spaces.

Here is a link to our catalog arranged by function.

Safety with style.

Tags: Wayfinding, Textile Architecture, Projection, Museums, Health Care, Interior Design, Hospitality Design