Winding 250 Foot Ribbon Prepares Visitors for 'Invisible Worlds' Immersive Experience

This 250 foot long ribbon leads visitors through the Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Gallery, which serves as the pre-show room for the Invisible Worlds immersive interactive experience.

How does the American Museum of Natural History give visitors to Invisible Worlds the best possible immersive experience?

An important element is the “pre-show” room, formally known as the Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Gallery. The pre-show room acts as a buffer to crowds entering Invisible Worlds; people slow down, quiet down, and their eyes adjust to a darkened environment. 

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'Spaceship Earth' Globe at Sloan Museum of Discovery

Photo: Jeff Lepley/ Google Earth

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Sullivan House Bakery

We recently installed several Transformit Ready-Made elements (nine circle flats, and a big Dazzle) overhead at Gorham’s new Sullivan House Bakery.  Owner Nancy Ames, after a career in the insurance industry, decided it was time to follow her lifelong passion of starting up a small bakery.

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Ashley Bryan, 1923-2022

Just six months ago, we were proud to complete an interactive exhibit featuring Ashley Bryan's Beautiful Blackbird (one of his more that seventy children's books) at the new Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine.

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Gem Ceiling

The designers at Ralph Applebaum Associates wanted a special ceiling for an exhibit at the University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum. The museum’s exhibits trace gems and minerals from their origins in mines all over the world to production facilities where they are cut and polished, to jewelers who mount them in their final settings. The final exhibit is the Treasury, in which are displayed the museum’s finest examples of gemstone jewelry, worth millions of dollars.

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Ship mobile

In New England, traditional restaurants and public spaces in maritime communities often display hand-carved half-models of sailing ships, or ship models in showcases.
Faulkner & Locke, art consultants of the Hyatt Place Boston/ Seaport Hotel, took a much less traditional approach to the maritime art pieces that decorate its public spaces.

Arriving visitors are greeted by this large sculpture suspended above the grand lobby staircase. The sculpture is a deconstructed view of a container ship’s multiple levels, naval architectural drawings brought to life.

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Outdoor yoga shade structure

Summer visitors to LL Bean’s flagship store in Freeport, Maine, would not have missed the large and beautiful green and white shade structure in the courtyard. It supports the many free activities provided by LL Bean for visitors; morning yoga classes, movie nights, fitness classes, concerts, and lawn games.

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Biophilic design for healthcare

Coastal Women’s Health Care

This project is an excellent example of biophilic design. A calming image from nature, it is a welcoming sight to patients and visitors. The image is printed on mesh fabric mounted to an aluminum frame with FasTen, our proprietary fabric retention system, and set one foot in front of the white back wall. Fluorescent lamps wash the white back wall evenly. The project designed by Rob Verrier of Curvwork, manufactured and installed by Transformit

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These elegant fabric doves, suspended in the atrium of St. Vincent  Ascension Hospital in Indianapolis, are another great example of biophilic design. The doves symbolize that this is a place of peace and healing. The doves were made with an aluminum frame and fire-rated architectural stretch fabric. The project was designed by Hamilton Exhibits, manufactured and installed by Transformit.

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Shade Wings for Portland Schools - Outdoor Classrooms Part II

Portland Outdoor Classroom - Deering HS

As summer was coming to a close and COVID-19 remained pandemic, schools preparing for in-person learning were integrating outdoor classrooms into their plans. The outdoor learning initiative within the Portland, Maine public schools was looking for structures that would give spatial definition to outdoor classrooms while also providing teachers and students with outdoor shade and some protection from the elements.

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