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 Brick South WEX

We designed our ready-made collections of stretch-fabric elements to help designers bring shape into their event or built environment. Sometimes that project entails defining space within a larger room or shaping the size of a room to fit form to function.

Our collections of Ready-made fabric designs feature elements from eight to thirty feet tall that are ideally suited to defining space, building moveable walls, or creating smaller “rooms” within a larger space. When paired with lighting, these artistic fabric elements that physically shape the room, can also shape the visual environment with color and form. They also add some acoustic absorption to a room, often a welcome addition when there’s a gathering of people in a large hall.

One of our favorite venues locally for creating rooms within a room is a 26,000 square-foot, former locomotive repair facility that was renovated and reopened as an event hall in 2017, Brick South at Thompson’s Point. We first worked in Brick South when Sea Glass Events brought us in to create a room layout for WEX, one of their corporate clients. WEX wanted a fresh and creative environment for an off-site company meeting, and loved the industrial space of Brick South, but they also needed ten conference rooms, a 250-seat theater, a dining room, and a social space.


For that first event, our designer Tom Newhall used Riffs and Crescendos to define rooms, and Wave Drops, Seraphs, Cherubs, and Sea Fans as way-finders. To model the layout for Sea Glass and WEX, Newhall created a 3D rendering of Brick South and then used CAD files of our fabric designs to “place” Transformit’s elements into the design. These same CAD files are available to download for designers creating models of their event or interior designs.

Here are some photos of a few of the events we've been a part of at Brick South.

WEX Theater

Colby College Reception / Wall

Brick South Stage - Green

Brick South Stage - Blue

Foreside Photography_Covetrus_Employee Meeting
Photo:  Foreside Photography 

Foreside Photography_Covetrus_Employee Meeting
Photo:  Foreside Photography 






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