Interior Design Boston: Fashion Show 2008

Each fall, the New England Chapter of the IIDA (International Interior Design Association) hosts Interior Design Boston, an event which showcases the vitality and creativity of Boston's interior design community in a gala evening fashion show. The fashions are designed, constructed, and in some cases modeled, by collaborative teams of architects and industry suppliers.

unique fashion-show piece makes putting on a corset into performance art.

drawing courtesy Bob Crosby

   2008 marked the event's 10th anniversary, themed Design DECADEnce, at the Westin Hotel, Copley Place, on October 30th. Over 1000 people viewed entries from thirty-three design teams.

    Burt, Hill Architects chose Transformit and Knoll Textiles as their partners. The entry, in keeping with the theme, quoted Oscar Wilde: "Classicism is the subordination of the parts to the whole. Decadence is the subordination of the whole to the parts." Three models took to the runway with individual fashion statements, topped by unique hats (designed and engineered by Transformit's Mackenzie Case and Bob Crosby), and united in a collective design statement in which the three hats became a single corset. The judges got the idea, and Burt, Hill, Transformit and Knoll got the "Most Original" award.

Interior Design Boston 2008 hats become a corset

   This event depends on the generosity of Architecture & Design sponsors.  The Architecture & Design sponsors help to underwrite the event, and donate a portion of the proceeds to New England charities. We at Transformit are honored to have been included.

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