Maine Lobsters "Wicked Good" Flight

"Crustacean Avengers" Win First Prize at Red Bull FLUGTAG Chicago. In early September, a team of theatrical, fanatical flight enthusiasts calling themselves the "Crustacean Avengers" took part in the Red Bull FLUGTAG (German for "Fly Day"), on Chicago's Lake Michigan waterfront. 29 teams, chosen by Red Bull from hundreds of applicants, competed.

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Christina Senechal pilots the team's aircraft to a smooth, wet landing after a flight of 120 feet, by far the longest of the day. She is followed into the lake by four cheering Maine lobsters. Photo courtesy of Red Bull.

Transformit's Flying Lobsters

 front: Arunas Bukauskas, Evan Mills, Mackenzie Case
 back: Christina Senechal, Denny Phipps   

The team (all Transformit employees except Denny, who is employed by Chicago Scenic Studios) was sponsored by Transformit with a place to work, materials, tools and hotel. The time, energy and ingenuity were entirely the team's. Our congratulations to the mighty Crustacean Avengers!

Inspiration came from a famous skit from Jim Henson's Muppets in which the Swedish Chef is robbed at gunpoint by a gang of lobster-rescuing banditos who are themselves lobsters!

    Crustacean Avengers on YouTube
    Muppets' Swedish Chef Lobster skit
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