Best Green Design

TNF 122110 255Rendering by Tom Newhall
At MOD '11, an annual event celebrating the best in lightweight, modular, and sustainable design, Transformit won "Best Green Exhibit" for the 60' x 100' exhibit that was designed and built for The North Face.  The award ceremony was attended by over 300 industry...

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Charity Events

Photo by Cindy Thompson
This photo shows our installation at "Spring for the Kids", the annual fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine, held in the gym of the downtown Portland club.  Our association with this club dates to when Transformit consisted of Cindy and her dog, with a shop too small to dry run her work.

Sculpture Shows the Way

Photo by Makenzie Case

Undulating, luminous tension fabric sculptures, installed in the Vancouver, B.C. headquarters of Discovery Parks Trustlead visitors through the entry atrium into the shared public space of the cafe.  A third piece in the boardroom also leads to the cafe. 

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New Catalog & CAD Models

transeuro 255
Photo by Tom Newhall
The New Catalog contains several new products: The Hug, Big Hug, Kiss, Big Kiss, and Smooch, from the Love collection; the Fiddlehead, first of the new Silhouettes collection and; the FireFly Navigators, in the Organics collection.