Fabric Architecture is the ideal method for transforming interior environments, utilizing sculptural shapes and sustainable interior designs that are lightweight, easily transported, made from recycled and recyclable materials, and extremely cost effective. Fabric is simply the most powerfully versatile media for environmental graphics, lighting, acoustics, and space articulation. 

Transformit offers Fabric Architecture solutions in a way that no other company can. Visionary designers, builders, architects, and business owners all over the globe rely on the excellence and expertise of the Transformit team, who have engineered, fabricated and installed my work for twenty-five years.

Temporary or permanent, rented or purchased, stock products or custom-made, our installations are found in events, exhibits, museums, schools, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, lobbies and public spaces, in locations all over the world.

Whatever YOUR environment, we can help you Transformit!

- Cindy Thompson, MFA, Founder

This Little Light of Mine
Mississippi Civil Rights Museum
Jackson, MS

Design:  Hilferty & Associates
Programming and Content:  Monadnock Media
Electrical Engineering:  CED
Fabrication and Installation:  Transformit