Fear No Art, Continued...

bansy 1Photos: Banksy

The British street artist Banksy has redefined and elevated street art/ graffiti to a higher level since the early 1990s. Recent works related to the Olympics are causing controversy, which is clearly his intent! London authorities are threatening to remove the artworks, but we think they are relevant and worthy of preservation, even if he didn't get permission to put them in place.  His documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2010.

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*This article is "continued" from last year's discussion about another controversial piece.

Art and Sport

olympic rings 255Photo: Courtesy LOCOG Copyright: ODA 

With Olympic fever all around, we recently asked Transformit's "team captain", Cindy Thompson, about the relationship between art and sports.

When you were a high school teacher, you taught art, and you were the coach of the girls track team. What do sports and art have in common?

Sports and art both require you to use your mind and your body at the same time.  Everything that we do in art, and in sports, is learned ...read more