BSA Honors Best Projects

BSA 12 255
Photo: Transformit

Each year, the Boston Society of Architects honors the best designs of the past year. To keep the awards relevant to local practitioners without becoming...   learn more

Rico Eastman, 1952-2012

RicoSnow 1024 255Photos: Rico Eastman

Following up from last month, I want to share the event of Rico's memorial service. It was a great day to celebrate Rico's life. Yares Art Projects in Santa Fe was his gallery. They held the service...   learn more

Love REALLY Counts

Griev_1Photos: Transformit

Few nonprofits have a mission as immediate as that of the Center for Grieving Children: "To provide loving support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss and... learn more

Mfg Software Sales Meeting

cherub2Photos: Jean Hangarter Studios Boston

The Annual Sales Kick-off Conference for a major global manufacturing software company brought together 350 members of the global sales team to a hotel ballroom... learn more