Movil Forum

Qumm 1 255 Photo: Magrada

The Movil Forum Conference was organized in Valladolid, Spain, by the event agency Qumm, for their client, Telefonica. Quum used video projection mapping technology and ...  read more

Best Event Awards

bea 255 Photo: Magrada

Our partner in Spain, Magrada  Proyectos, was selected to decorate the stage for the award ceremony at EuBEA, the inaugural international ceremony honoring the best events... read more

Davis Furniture

Davis 2 255 Photo: Davis Furniture

Davis Furniture's reputation is built on clean design, and this new suspended sign over their exhibit conveys that message before visitors even arrive at Davis's booth.... more photos

Stepping Stones Museum

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 Photo: Transformit

The Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, Connecticut recently underwent a renovation which includes  this wavelike canopy over the hallway connecting the main building with... read more