DON'T Let the Sun Shine In

When the Bowdoin College Museum of Art was built in the late 19th century, skylights were the main lighting source. Since then, museums have become concerned with protecting artwork from the harmful effects of sunlight. The skylights were covered with…. black tarps!
Recent renovations left the problem of unsightly tarps unsolved. Many possible solutions were considered. All were rejected, either because of cost, or because they eliminated the pleasing grid of the skylight panes.
We were asked to maintain the original grid of the skylights, while blocking or reducing the amount of sunlight entering from above. Our solution is an installation of panels that can be removed or replaced from inside the building. In this first phase, all light has been blocked. The next phase will give the museum curators control of reduced sunlight in the galleries.
Sometimes, the news is about what you don't see!
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Bowdoin Art Museum Skylights 2470

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