300' Wide Projection Screen

Each spring, NBCUniversal Cable Network previews its entire upcoming fall season for advertisers. During this event, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront, media buyers reserve ad slots for each show for the entire season. The stakes are high, so NBC makes a big show of it.

HudsonGray, the production agency for the event, rented New York’s Javits Center for the event. Transformit created ten large projection screens to supplement the central three screens.

The screens range from 15 to 19 feet high and from 26 to 32 feet wide. Each is covered with a special projection-friendly scrim, specified by HudsonGray and NBC.

Projection-friendly does not always mean user-friendly! The screen fabric is quite fragile and requires great care in use. Nevertheless, the project(ion) was successful, and both NBC and HudsonGray were pleased with the result of our work.

Tune in this fall to see which advertisers liked the show!

See more photos on HudsonGray's Facebook page, and on their website.

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