Transformit Duvall at EuroShop

MODEL 1 255
The above photo shows Cindy’s scale model of the Sea foam green and white wings in the booth. This model is essentially the exhibit in miniature, and its wings were used to make the patterns for the full-sized wings. The complex shape of the wings was developed and edited in the model until Cindy  thought it looked right. Only then did she send the patterns to production.
The graphics on the fabric back and side walls are photos of jellyfish taken by Cindy at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and they provided the inspiration for the name of the exhibit, Aquarium. Banners for branding with Transformit and Duvall logos were separate prints on mesh fabric and served two purposes: the mesh jellyfish could still be seen  through the mesh material; and the jellyfish graphic panels can be re-used again by us or another client with different messagingDSCF4021
The rectangular box frame of the exhibit was 5m high x 4m x 4.5m and was made from Octanorm extrusions, joined at the corners by connectors of our own design.These connectors made it possible to raise and lower the framework using only a lightweight scaffold: no lifts or top-rigging were required. The jellyfish are retained in the Octanorm frame using FasTen, our proprietary retention strip.
Lighting is from track lights mounted to the floor and the four columns, washing up onto the walls and highlighting the sensual curves of the wings. Lighting from below is unusual, and earned us a visit from the head electrician for Messe Düsseldorf, the show’s venue. He asked us to cover the open tracks below 2m, where people could potentially access the track with fingers or tools. We were happy to comply. But the effect of lighting upward was dramatic!
The wings are made from Symmetry, a pliable material that is capable of making complex shapes. These shapes are difficult to imitate in the computer and this is why Cindy works by hand from physical models. The jellyfish graphics are printed on a polyester and spandex textile, Trapeze ES.