Our Fifth EuroShop

Here is a short tour of our exhibits at EuroShop:

We introduce the Fascinating Rhythms collection of sculptural free-standing walls and columns, designed for fast setup. They quickly become popular rentals. Later we add Natura, a collection of environmental graphic skins for the Fascinating Rhythms line that are available for rental, as well as purchase.

The Dynamics collection breaks new ground in several areas:
• Three layers of fabric in an aluminum frame, with interactive theatrical lighting and graphic effects,
• First meeting rooms made with fabric walls,
• Up to 16' x 30' (6m x9m) uninterrupted graphic area,
• "Torqued" rectangular frame with proprietary connection system.

Wonderland is a tour de force of sculptural tension fabric art - with a purpose:
• A quiet meeting room invisibly lined with Polysoft, our proprietary sound-absorbing fabric liner,
• A pulsing, glowing structure lit from within, using all programmable LEDs, both point sources and floodlights,
• Inside the meeting room, an environmental graphic "wallpaper" made from printed stretch fabric.

The Love collection is introduced. It is made up of Hug, an acoustic meeting room, Kiss, an elegant spiral shape with both free-standing and suspended versions, and Smooch, a suspended sculpture with a projection screen on the bottom.

Back to our roots: Aquarium shows two Free Form Wings stretched inside a cube made from Octanorm extrusions - simple, but not easy! Continuous environmental graphics printed on stretch fabric make up both walls. The photos are mirror images of jellyfish taken at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

describe the image2002 Fascinating Rhythms

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2005 Dynamics

describe the image2008 Wonderland