Video: courtesy Stammmedia

50' Diameter Projection Screen

Transformit won a 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award in the category of Interior Display from IFAI (Industrial Fabric Association International) for the projection screen we created for GE Healthcare. This was originally installed at the RSNA show in Chicago.

Client: Elite Exhibits
Design: McMillan Group
Projection Mapping: Stammmedia
Video Content: VSA Partners

What is noteworthy is the sheer size of the screen, 50' in diameter by 10' tall, for over 1500 square feet of projection area, and that the video is continuous around the entire screen. Stammmedia used 10 synchronized high-power projectors staged around the screen to accomplish this feat.

The screen also features an integrated ceiling with no visible supports, and was set up in less than a day.

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 GE Healthcare 1 255

GE Healthcare 3 255

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Photos: Padgett and Company