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Please Vote for Transformit, and Help Us Win a $250,000 Grant!

We've applied for a $250,000 small business grant, sponsored by Chase and Living Social, and supported by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. To be considered, we need 250 votes by June 30, 2012. That's where you, our loyal fans, come in: 

1) Follow this link:

2) Login with Facebook (if you are not already logged in)

3) Enter "Transformit" in the search box and press "search"

4) Press "Vote"

What makes us worth supporting? For twenty-five years, we've been creating architectural sculpture with sustainable, low impact construction. Using recycled and recyclable materials, we rent and reuse our products, and they are light and compact for low impact shipping. After years at the forefront of fabric architecture, the market has at last recognized fabric's importance to lightweight, affordable renovation and new construction. If we win, we'll use the money to make further innovations to our products and rental systems. (The truth is, we'll do that even if we don't win - we'll just be able to move faster!) 

Thanks for helping us keep the innovations coming! 

Vodafone: Hear You, Hear Me

Avue 006 255Photos: Noel Downer

This light sculpture, reminiscent of an early telephone handset, is suspended over the reception desk of Vodafone's Irish headquarters office. It is internally illuminated, and has a second... read more

Happy Independence Day!

us flag on riff 2 255Photos: Transformit

In honor of Independence Day, here's a collection of flag-inspired ready-made and custom products for your enjoyment. Happy 4th!...See more

Transoceanic Collaboration

DUB 1 255Photos: Noel Downer 

This fabric chandelier was recently installed over the information desk at Dublin International Airport's new Terminal 2. A construction detail: Any internal structure would have... read more


To learn more, contact:

In the US, Jamie Basile, Ben McDorr, Carissa Parent, Lisa Morris, and Ben Ray

In Spain, Portugal and Italy, Matias Gravenhorst, Magrada Proyectos

In Scandinavia, Jeanet Halse, Younique Vision

In Benelux and Germany, Roland deWit, BILI-NL

for press inquiries,