This Museum is About (day)Light

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Thomas Phifer's North Carolina Museum of Art makes unprecedented use of daylight. Starting from scratch, Phifer developed a system that gives even illumination, free of cast shadows, without excessive ultraviolet light.
Transformit made and installed more than 400 fabric ellipses into the top of the fiberglass coffers in the ceiling. These ellipses are in five fabrics chosen for their varying transmissivity, and are mounted such that they are not seen as separate elements. The different fabrics allow the museum to subtly change the character of the light in each gallery, and can be interchanged to accommodate the needs of new installations.

Daylighting Past, Present, Future


Photo: Poniol60

Daylighting, a new term for an old practice, simply means managing natural light in a building, both by bringing light into the building and by keeping it out when it is not wanted. It is associated with recent efforts to make efficient use of materials and energy.
This page shows a few interesting and noteworthy samples from a vast pool of past, present and future ideas. Along with functionality, our focus is on beauty in the built environment.