"Cloudish" floats in a Museum

The Greensboro Historical Museum chose Transformit Lyrics and Riffs for their exhibit on the works of Janet Echelman. They were printed with "Cloudish”, royalty-free graphics from our Natura collection. This provided the museum a fast, ready-made and affordable way of giving a consistent look to the exhibit, regardless of where it travels. (July - September 2016) says this about Ms. Echelman: "She creates organic, aerial sculptures that float high above the viewer’s heads. Her art is ever shifting with air currents and surrounding light. These works can be seen in cities as wide ranging as London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Washington, DC. Greensboro joins that impressive list this summer with her latest, Where We Met. But what the heck does it all mean? This is the point where art and history intersect and the story Weaving Wonder tells. As you enter the exhibit past walls of clouds and glowing panels, you find a large, mirrored table. Above hangs a colorful woven model of her LaBauer Park sculpture. Now look down. Look into that mirrored surface revealing a true viewport into Janet’s art. You are now essentially looking up over sixty feet into the air. Wow!
As you move around this central piece, take a moment and discover how Ms. Echelman’s artistic journey progressed from studying native seedpods to researching historic maps of the North Carolina Railroad system and textile Industries. Hear Janet describe how she took that research, taped it on her office wall and began tracing an outline. That is when magic happened and the historical threads all came together. Just like the railroad tracks in our Gate City, here is where it all intersected. Here is Where We Met."



2016_Weaving_Wonder_5_Lynn_Donovan.jpgPhotos: Lynn Donovan