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Oticon at Audiology Now 2012

Our client, Graphic Presentation Systems, is the long-time exhibit partner of Oticon, the world's oldest manufacturer of hearing aids and a leader in hearing instrument innovation.

This exhibit, shown at Audiology Now 2012 in Boston, features custom-made internally lit pop-up tables, as well as suspended custom pieces and rental Crescendos. The tables were positioned in the theater, and the clients sat around them to watch the introduction of a new - completely in the ear- hearing instrument. At the close of the show, the presenter pressed a button on his podium and the riser mechanism engaged in all tables, lifting the cylinder, and, at the same time, turning on the led lights in the cylinder, which held actual-size sample blister packs of the product.  The clients took the samples from the cylinder and walked away with them. This offered a clean, sophisticated way to present the samples without just placing them in a give-away bowl. The Transformit fabric covered the mechanism and gave the tables an elegant look.

Kevin Keizer, President of GPS, had this to say about our collaboration: "Transformit was an excellent partner in this project, offering just the right touches to pull it all together. The tables worked as planned and were very elegant with the tapered fabric enclosure concealing the lifting mechanism....  This was a key feature in the theater and they looked fantastic. I was very impressed with your team's dedication to get the job done in a short turnaround time."

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