Dimensional signage and graphics can be mounted to, or through, or near our fabric structures with stand-offs.


Busch Gardens 255In this photo, the letters XPLORE are mounted to a tube, which in turn is mounted to stand-offs that pierce the fabric skin to access the structure hidden inside. Since this is a permanent installation of a custom-made structure, putting holes in the fabric is no problem.

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Wilbert and Sonicare

Wilbert 255Sonicare 255Both of these projects use rented Transformit structures combined with custom-made elements by the clients (Wilbert was designed and built by Triad Creative Group, Sonicare was designed and built by Czarnowski Exhibit Service Specialists). In both cases, the designer avoids putting holes in our fabric, and floats their client's name in front of the fabric. They attach the necessary structure to support the logo and the fabric structure to the hard structure below.