Any image that can be printed can be projected, and in many cases with more impact than print. White fabric makes an ideal projection surface, even if that is not its primary function. Listed in order of(estimated) increasing expense.

1) Arbor Networks, Gobo

Arbor Networks 255In this photo, a gobo projector shoots an image of the company's logo onto the Winged Tree. The overall lighting on the white wings is red, but the intensity of the gobo overpowers the red and makes ARBOR appear white, while NETWORKS appears green.

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2) Drive, Moving Gobo

Club Refresh 255Here, a logo is projected on the walls of the exhibit by a moving gobo projector. This lighting instrument can, through computer control, move the logo around the room, change the color of light projected, and the exchange image being projected, like a slide projector.

3) Nordstrom, Photo Gobo

Nordstrom 255Most gobos are constructed like a stencil cutout. This one is a color slide sandwiched between two layers of glass, which is needed to withstand the heat of the projector.