Art galleries often have a rail placed on the wall near the ceiling. Art is hung using a hook with a cable attached. Our Gallery Hooks go one step farther: they have a flat plate at the bottom with Velcro attached. All you have to do is put the other side of Velcro on the back of your art, put the hook over the top of the freestanding Transformit piece, and you're in business. (Not too heavy, please!) "But how do I adjust the height?" you ask. This is the best part: the Velcro plate has a "gripper" which allows the plate to be adjusted along the length of the cable, with no tools. And the cable can be stainless steel, or very strong monofilament line that nearly disappears.
When your graphics are many, or small, or time is short, Gallery Hooks come to the rescue!

ASTC 255

AIA Maine 255