Dazzles become a Marigold

Nancy Byrnes, event producer, called on a Friday afternoon this summer with a problem. The 30' diameter marigold that she had designed as the centerpiece for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Grand Marigold Gala at the Benedum Center was too expensive, and would take more time to rig than she had alloted. We were challenged with designing a piece that was easy to assemble in a short amount of time, with only a 10 day turnaround for production, and that would be within budget. Instead of a custom design, our existing ready-made Dazzle was the ideal solution. We modified it to be rigged with four layers to give it fullness like a marigold. The yellow and magenta skins in our rental inventory fit the color palette for this installation perfectly once lit. Using an off-the-shelf product in a custom way gave the client a signature piece for their event that was able to meet both their deadline and budget.

Client: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust           

Credits: Nancy Byrnes Events, Benedum Center IATSE Crew, Andy Ostrowski, Lighting Designer.