AIM Celebrates 100 years

The event marketing firm, Conventures, requested (3) Pixies in an arrangement resembling the AIM 100 logo for an event celebrating their client's centennial. The Pixies would be overlapping at different angles and hanging above the bar in the main ballroom at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The challenge was in achieving the three specific brand colors in the logo. We dismissed the idea of using colored fabric covers for the pieces because we did not feel that would be dramatic enough. Lighting them with color externally posed a challenge: we didn't want to create shadows from the overlapping pieces, and we needed to mitigate any color mixing from crossed light. We used LED tape lights around the inside perimeter of the frame to illuminate the sculptures from within. Internal illumination on our standard rental products creates a beautiful glowing effect similar to edge lit glass. Using remote controllers, we were able to dial the colors to the client's desire.