Headfirst Theater

This project was designed, built, and installed by Transformit.  We had a design contract, and then a build contract.  We started with a 2' model, and then moved on to a 6' model that you could get inside of. The head was made from different panels to add interest, easy installation, and easy maintenance. Each panel had lightblock, and an outer skin for aesthetics. The truss structure was custom bent by Penn Truss in Canada.  The truss held all of the audio visual and lights.  The entry to the theater was through sliding doors in the neck.  The purpose of the theater was to instruct children how to be healthy. Questions such as "Does the first cigarette hurt you?" were posed from projection screens, and kids would respond with clickers with a yes, no, or maybe.  When the "brain" was thinking, a lightshow was projected on fabric structures that looked like synapses overhead.   The head became the icon of the museum, and was set in a special glass corner where images projected on its front surfaces could be seen clearly from the street at night.

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