Graphics: Alternatives to Printing on Fabric

Printing on fabric is great, but sometimes the budget is not sufficient. You may not want to print a big piece of fabric, only to throw it away after one use. Here are some alternatives that are more ecologically conscious, or more cost-effective, or both!
Please ask your Account Executive to help you work with these graphic options.


Inte 255 sqPhotos: Transformit

Can you say Neodymium? (nee-o-dim-ee-əm) It's what makes modern-day magnets strong enough to grip through one or more layers of fabric. A thin piece of sheet metal mounted...Learn More


Club Refresh 255 sqPhotos: Transformit

Any image that can be printed can be projected, and in many cases with more impact than print. White fabric makes an ideal projection surface, even if that is not its primary function...Learn More

Gallery Hooks

AIA Maine 3 255 sqPhoto: Transformit

Art galleries often have a rail placed on the wall near the ceiling. Art is hung using a hook with a cable attached. Our Gallery Hooks go one step further: ...Learn More.