Our Work and Our Expertise are all about Fabric.

Every project is unique, but most fit into one of these categories:


Ready-Made Sculptural Elements (products) for rent or for sale

We've designed ten collections of proprietary sculptural fabric shapes (over 100 total)  engineered, tested, priced and proven in the fast-paced world of events and exhibitions.

Rental elements are available on short notice from our warehouse stock in Maine and Holland.

Purchased elements are quickly made to order, with client-selected fabrics and optional graphics.

Hybrid elements use rental frames and purchased "skins", often with client-specific printed graphics

Basic shapes (made for sale) Easy shapes like circle flats, rectangles, cylinders and boxes for signage, lighting or projection. These are  quickly made to order

Custom-Made Projects

We're here to satisfy the desire of owners and designers to incorporate the beauty, practicality and technical capability of fabric in their temporary or permanent environments. 

Design/ Build/ Install We know fabric, and we are able to take responsibility for all fabric elements of a project, from creative to installation. We often function as the general or lead contractor, and we can lead, or  coordinate with, designers and producers of graphics, lighting, projection and sound.

Fabric-ators You have a specific design, and you just need someone to build it. We can do that, too!