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"Video Projection Mapping" on Stage

Tele 390sq

Photo: Matias Gravenhorst

Video projection mapping is a new stage lighting technology, new enough that not everyone calls it by the same name! In this project, a stage design composed with white fabric elements by Transformit was precisely projected upon with three-dimensional video from four computer-controlled projectors. 

Using video, we can create as many variations as occur to us. As with traditional lighting, we can change color, but we can also change the texture, creating different materials, or making transparency or interior lighting effects. We can map video content, text, images ... The creative possibilities are endless.” Eduardo del Río, Vector 001


An Explosively Exuberant Event

Precon 390

Photo: Harold Krauthamer 

Precon Events designed and produced an installation of aerial fabric sculptures and colorful branded theme decor for a Maryland-based pharmaceutical company.  The design transformed the building's courtyard into a one-of-a-kind “Quinceañera” celebration for the fifteen-year-old company.  In addition to the installation of tension fabric sculptures and colorful orbs, the event design featured contemporary furniture vignettes with logo-embroidered pillows, a custom stage and tent design, and a comprehensive theme design package.  The team produced a brilliantly choreographed light show for 700 guests.