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Check out the Duvall website to see exterior structures.

Exterior Structures

Transformit has teamed up with Duvall Design to create world-class exterior tension-fabric structures. Sharing a common vision for the creative potential and capacity for artistic expression inherent in tension-fabric structures, Transformit and Duvall Design create textile elements of the highest quality, carrying a common aesthetic throughout interior and exterior environments.
For our clients, we initiate and complete projects that:
  • employ the sculptural potential of tension-fabric to create site-specific installations;
  • infuse beauty and artistic expression into the built environment;
  • provide durable and pragmatic solutions to the setting as desired, such as shade, acoustical treatment, graphics, daylighting, video and light projection, and illumination;
  • are engineered, built, and installed to meet all structural, building, and fire codes;
  • and are executed on schedule and on budget to offer a lasting value.