About Transformit

Transformit designs, produces and installs interior tension fabric structures to the high artistic standards of our founder, Cynthia Thompson, MFA. We provide full service from initial concepts to final installation. Our team combines artistic sense with technical expertise. Transformit creates non-permanent installations for events, and trade fairs. We create permanent installations for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, museums, and other architectural interiors. We create installations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Icon Headquaters, Dublin, Ireland

What Makes Our Company Unique 

     We are a team of artists, designers, craftsmen, builders and stagehands, led by a sculptor. We an adventurous group, both artistically and technically. Transformit was founded in 1988 after several performance art and installation art projects by Cynthia Thompson using fabric in tension. We have twenty years of experience with tension fabric structures, and a history of success through innovation and outstanding quality. Our work has won many awards, including Good Design and iF Product Design. We are improving the ecological sustainability of our business. We envision a truly sustainable future that includes delight. Transformit follows humane and ethical business practices.

What Full Service Means: 

     Because we are experts in the design, production and installation of fabric structures, you don’t need to be. We take responsibility from start to finish. We focus on complete solutions and overall value.

BOE 255Dublin International Airport, Ireland

     Full-Service means Creative Imagination by artists who understand both business and design, and can expand the limits of both. Design that balances imagination with the need to build it and make it work. Designers collaborate with builders, installers, and clients. Testing and Proving that is part of our design process. We make sure we can build what we imagine. Engineering and Detailing to make sure what we build is safe and functional, and works well for others involved on the project. Digital Printing by Portland Color, who know the latest digital printing technology, and are able to apply it in new and creative ways for us. Lighting Design by Available Light, who make our installations come alive with glowing, luminescent color. Distribution and Product Care that ensures our projects arrive and look great, whether we are in North America, Europe, the Middle East or Asia. Installation Supervision to ensure our projects are beautiful, and safe. Transformit Installers oversee every permanent installation, and many temporary installations. Rental Installations that are beautiful, easy, and cost-effective, using Ready-Made sculptures from our extensive inventory.