Introducing Natura Environmental Graphics

Here is yet another reason to go Ready-Made: Fabric skins with pre-printed environmental graphics, to mount on pieces from our Fascinating Rhythms collection. We call this collection of graphic skins NATURA.

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Jewelry exhibit, design: Exhibit Management Corp. (with Riffs/ Poolish)   
    Six images, shown below on our RIFF S-shaped wall, are available for rent or purchase on two sizes each of Grace Note, Lyric, Riff, Trill, Arabesque, Tremolo, Crescendo and Legato. There are a lot of choices! To learn more, download the Natura PDF and the catalog. Then give us a call or write us. We're eager to know what you think!

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   We think sustainability means more than being carbon-neutral. It means taking care of people, too! Studies show that people are happier and perform better when they are in the presence of nature, and while we can't bring them the real thing, we think environments made using these images will be pleasing to many people.

Gravity Free 2008, Riff, Poolish, Renal envronmental graphics

Gravity Free 2008 (with Riffs/ Poolish)  (photo courtesy Gravity Free) 

    Download the NATURA pdf or the catalog

Tags: environmental graphics, Natura, Fascinating Rhythms, Ready-Made